Working with Chloé.

I Recently had the pleasure of working with Chloé Dawson on her second photoshoot and she wanted to shoot some classy lingerie / boudoir inspired photos to add to and build her portfolio.

We booked a local Newcastle based studio made a few plans and brainstormed a few ideas prior to the shoot,

I love sessions like this as Chloe was a natural to work with and ever so confident which allowed me to try out a few new and different techniques and refine some older ones.

If you are interested in modelling of even just to give some nice photographs to your partner for a present head over to our store to book, or if you have any questions just email me via our contact page for more information.

shooting With Tyne Tees and Charlotte

A couple of spare hours this week and I emailed Tyne Tees Models to see if they had any fresh new faces that are looking to Test on a photoshoot for a portfolio upgrade and I was given 2/3 suitable models who are all new to the industry.

We batted around a few ideas and decided to work with ‘Charlotte Place’ on a street inspired fashion shoot around Newcastle City Centre (Love shooting around the city as their is so much variation of backgrounds and sets within such a short distance). 

Once arriving we had a look through the outfits Charlotte brought with her and we decided where and what to focus on, Charlotte needed a little bit of direction at the start but within 10-15 minutes got into her stride and grew in confidence as the shoot progressed allowing us to create some lovely location inspired headshots, one to look for in the future as she has such a natural and effortless look.

Nikon D850

Last week and one of the benefits to working in a Camera store we had a chance to play with the new Nikon D850 and Nikkor 105mm f1.4 portrait lens and what a combination. Seems a lot quicker than both the Nikon D810 and D750 the focus seemed to lock instantaneously and with the lens combination it was stunningly sharp.

Key Features

  • 45.7-megapixel full-frame backlit-CMOS sensor
  • ISO 64-25,600 standard; ISO 32-102,400 extended
  • 7fps shooting (9fps with MB-D18 grip)
  • 153-point autofocus
  • 4K 30p video recording

Hands on with the Fuji X-A3

I was recently given a Fuji X-A3 Mirrorless camera in tan with the Fuji 16-50mm xc ois lens and was tasked to head out for a few hours and test out the camera functionality as well as look at the image quality and results.

As it was pretty much last minute and I had a job on the next day I decided to head out on the night and create some night based landscape shots and had a couple of locations in mind that I had been wanting to shoot for a while.

The Fuji X-A3 comes in a number of colours from the popular retro silver styling over to Tan, camel and even pink, partnered with the 360 degree flip screen Fuji have styled this camera to the teen - twenties selfie camera market, not something that I would typically buy myself.

One thing I will say is you have to love the compactness of this camera and how lightweight it actually is, you could quite happily walk around all day with this camera around your neck and not really notice it by the end of the day (something that I can’t really do with my Nikon D610 or Mamiya RB67).

And for such a small camera it definitely packs a punch spec wise, Fuji 24  megapixel APSC sensor, x-mount making it ready to use a wide range of quality fuji lenses, touchscreen, 100- 25600 ISO rating, Wireless transfer and control to allow you to upload and share your photos almost instantaneously, film simulation modes something that Fuji is famed for and do such a stunning job out of camera and advanced focusing modes that give you sharp and detailed performance in low light something that I am looking to try out tonight.

So end of a shift at 10pm I headed out to the location I was shooting (luckily it was only 10 minutes away) with the Fuji X-a3 and a Pixi tripod from Manfrotto which partners great with this camera for a small, compact and affordable tripod. So with these two following shots and location I wanted to see what the noise control and sharpness were like for a 30 second exposure, to get the right atmosphere and mood I tweaked the white balance to create the right look for the desired shot.

Overall I have to say the camera is very easy to use and the battery seamed to hold up fairly well, something that it always a test when capturing long exposures. The results are pleasing to the eye and the sharpness was fairly impressive for a kit lens with a small tripod that isn’t particularly designed for long exposures.

Couldn’t really fully test out the film profiles for these type of shots but it will be interested to try out for some street styled shots, I surprisingly didn’t miss the lack of a viewfinder as for shooting landscapes the flip screen which is extremely accurate allowed me to capture low down shots without having to lie down on the floor (something I was happy not to do at 10:30 on a September night.

To summarise a nice little camera that holds up in a lot of challenging situations, will definitely appeal to the new generation of budding photographers who like to create nice photographs whilst travelling or being active.

The only stumbling block I can see for this camera is the price of some of the competitor models from Panasonic and Olympus which with the aded functionality and the introduction of a viewfinder may sway a number of potential fuji Customers.

Portfolio Shoot With Nick


I recently received an email from ‘Nick Hutchinson’ based in Teeside Nick wanted to get into modelling and since getting in touch with a few interested local modelling agencies he was advised to get a portfolio shoot together.

After a few emails back and forth we decided a date and time for the shoot and that combining both a location based shoot and studio shoot would best show of his look whilst giving him the opportunity to try a few different styles.

First off we headed to the sunny Newcastle Quayside where we tried a few shots based around the baltic, tyne and the iconic swing bridge before heading a short drive down the road to the Newcastle based ‘HD Studios’ to start the second phase of shooting.

Overall we shot around 4/5 outfits in and around Newcastle focussing primarily on natural light on location then mixing up to flash once we headed indoors to the studio.

Here are some of the results with Nick, shot on a Nikon D610 and Sigma 50mm Art f1.4.

Using Format